Jim Higginson (Chair)
Chris Blore
James Douglas
Radhika Dua
Ioanna Dimasi
Conference Attendees

Apologies: Natalie Ohlson

  1. Junior profile OMFS
  2. JTP promotion
  3. Dental core trainees
  4. Junior doctor contract
  5. Committee Updates
  6. Equality & Diversity
Raising the profile of Junior OMFS
  • Second degree is a requirement
  • Creating a system- so second degree becomes more formalised by put a “training program” - guaranteed post, guaranteed income, pension, recognised training. Very good idea a bit difficult to achieve.
JTP Promotion by Mr. Magennis
  • Mr. Magennis advocated signing up to the junior training programme and highlighted the benefits. Contact him for more information.
Dental core trainees covering ENT- The issues
  • Working in confidence as far as you get supervised
  • View of BAOMS and OMFS consultants and ENT consultants supporting this view. Will be writing the policy.
  • No on calls for dental CT in London
Junior Doctor’s Contract
  • No pay protection
  • No funding for second degree
    • Loan agreements came to an end
    • Mr. Magennis raising the issue for further discussions and for addressing the issues for funding and paying second degree
    • National standards
Committee Updates
  • JTG Conference; James presented about the conference, venue, dates (3rd week of 21-22 January)
  • Website update; James mentioned about the new look of the site, open to feedback
Equality and Diversity (Karon Monaghan, Q.C.)
  • Equality rights as trainees
    • Equality Act 2010 - prohibits discrimination, indirect discrimination but disadvantages a particular group
    • Equality Duty - NHS, Royal Colleges, GMC-"Positive obligation"- Due regards to achieve certain equality outcomes- Eliminate discrimination, advance equality in opportunity
    • Women- Attrition rates differences
    • Women not been disadvantaged pay. Training flexibility, Part-time job
    • Ethnicity
  • Identify legal cases training and pay
    • Case 1 “VERMA": OMFS trainee part-time- pay protection in the new full time job
    • Case 2 “BAPIO”: Indian origin. Allowing clinical skills assessment. Passing rates difference between ethnicities.
  • Greenaway report- New contracts- Equality and diversity
    • Psychiatry- Unpopular
    • Ethnicity playing a role in specialty
    • No mentioned to disabled trainees
Action points
  • Publicise and organise conference 2017
  • Mr Magennis to look into no second student loan for second degree students



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