Date: Wednesday 20th June 2018 
Time: 0955
Venue: Screen 1, Gala Theatre, Durham


Chair: Shadi Basyuni (SB)
Panel: Kohmal Solanki (KS), Gareth Nugent (GN), James Douglas (JD)
Apologies: Aimee Rowe, Parisa Zarringhalam

  1.  Shortened second degree courses
  2. CPD & revalidation during second degree
  3. Committee updates
  4. AOB
Shortened second degree courses
  • Regional work to shorten second degrees ongoing
  • What attracts people?
    • Intensity of course (and quality of life outside work)
    • Finance – grants/bursaries
    • Finance – local unit support with paid work
    • Support – local unit support with projects
    • Length of course – discussion saying shortest possible is ideal but many would rather take better supported position over short time length
  • Issues
    • National funding variable between graduate vs. non-grad entry courses
      • Comes down to a UCAS code
      • Minimal numbers mean student finance & NHS bursary don’t see regularly
      • Variability in acceptance of ‘APEL’ (accreditation of prior experiential learning) students
      • Mr Magennis (PM) suggested those who are successful in securing funding detail who they spoke to and how they got it. Then can pave way for successors to follow.
    • Regional variability also (University ‘hardship’ grants etc.)
  • Summary re: decision of where to study
    • Balance of:
      • Time
      • Cost
      • Training in OMFS while working (JTP too)
      • Unit affiliation
      • Correct contract
  • Dental 1st trainees – GDC changed regulations to enhanced CPD. Attendees aware of change.
  • Medicine 1st trainees
    • Everyone is required to have an annual appraisal
    • Those not in training are required to be revalidated every 5 years
      • May happen within 5 years of leaving training
    • Those not with regular contract and work will find challenging due to lack of staff for 360 review, decreased audit potential, reflection, patient feedback etc.
      • Useful to think of in advance. Refer to point 1.
Committee updates
  • New chair – Alexandra Thompson
    • May or may not be able to take post due to possibly gaining ST3 number
    • Will know in circa 1 month
  • New committee
    • SB to announce positions available next week for elections
Any other business
  1. JD – drinks in ‘The Library’ from 5pm before moving to Durham Cathedral


Meeting adjourned 1040


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