Bakir Al-Dulaimy, Patrick Magennis

Introduction & aims

The ‘’Register Your Interest in OMFS’’ (RYIO) initiative was set up in 2008 by Mr Patrick Magennis, OMFS consultant with an interest in training and fostering OMFS trainees. Its primary aim is to encourage, support and communicate with potential trainees in OMFS. This free initiative provides registrants with an initial information pack and regular key updates on OMFS training. RYIO is advertised through NHS Jobs Website, word of mouth, BAOMS JTG and re-registration. To keep registrations up-to-date, registrants are asked to re-register on a yearly basis. We aim to present the most recent 2017-data on registrants to RYIO.


Data was collected from the questionnaire on FormDesk© over a 2 month period (13/09/2017-14/11/2017). The data was analysed using Excel©.

Results and Conlusions

Overall there were 193 registrations by 177 individuals, with 14 individuals registering more than once. Most individuals were re-registrants 143 (81%) and 34 (19%) new registrants. Of those, the majority were from the UK (92%). Looking at the stage of training, 6% were in their first degree (medical and dental students), 46% were dentally qualified in medical school (23%), dental practice (6%) or OMFS SHO’s (17%), 17% were medically qualified in dental school (11%), foundation trainees (2%) or core surgical trainees (4%). Those with both qualifications made up 19% of the cohort. The remaining 12% were made up of trust grade doctors, trust grade dentists, full time research students and registrars in allied specialities. Dentistry was the primary qualification for 2/3rds of the registrants. The top 3 universities providing the primary qualification were King’s College London (8.8%), Newcastle University (5.7%) and Sheffield (5.2%). The top 3 universities providing the secondary qualification were King’s College London (18.7%), Barts and The London (6.2%) and University of Manchester (5.7%). Further data will be presented.


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