Alastair Henry, C McDonald, A Hennedige, B Dawoud, P Kyzas, R Morrison, Prof. James McCaul

Introduction and Aims

Current UK training programmes generally have limited opportunities to develop an interest and skills in research. The number of randomised controlled trials in OMFS is low and high quality research is required if we are to provide the best possible evidence for our interventions. Trainee research collaborative networks can facilitate high quality, large scale research projects, which can help lead to better outcomes. The Maxillofacial Trainee Research Collaborative (MTReC) launched in March 2015.


MTReC is a trainee led and delivered research initiative for OMFS, supported by BAOMS Council and BAOMS Research Lead. In general, orthopaedic and neurological surgery, trainee networks have delivered successful large scale studies. MTReC offers the opportunity to run large-scale multi-centre audits and clinical trials by bringing together trainees into one collaborative group. MTReC has recently completed data collection of the Cervicofacial Infection Snapshot Audit.


Trainees captured data on over 1000 cases of cervicofacial infection, making it the largest ever UK-wide research project in this area. This achievement was possible due to the strong foundations laid in establishing MTReC with the first project which has recently been published; Management of cervicofacial infections: a survey of current practice in maxillofacial units in the UK. Work is ongoing to input and analyse data from the snapshot audit, following which our ultimate aim is to launch a Randomised Controlled Study investigating the effect of corticosteroids in the context of cervicofacial infection.


MTReC has been successful in carrying out large-scale nationwide research projects. It continues to develop a network of enthusiastic and energetic trainee surgeons, who work together to deliver high quality research with the aim of fostering interest and skills in surgical research to improve patient outcomes.


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