Conal Maguire, Ajay Jumbu

Introduction and Aims

There is a varied volume of published material produced by OMFS units across the UK which can be found in BJOMS. Some of these units are allied with academic institutions, whereas others are more isolated DGHs. We hope to identify the OMFS units which publish the highest number of peer-reviewed articles in BJOMS, and to challenge the common conception that the highest output of articles is achieved by university-associated trusts located in larger metropolitan regions of the UK.


Institutions were identified on the basis of being associated with a publication’s primary author. Only UK based institutions were included in this study. The publications were subdivided into editorials, reviews, full-length articles (FLA), short communications, technical notes, and book reviews. We analysed each volume of BJOMS over the past 5 years, from volume 51 issue 1 (January 2013) to volume 55 issue 10 (November 2017). By using this selection criteria, we had a total of 653 published articles from 88 institutions.


The highest overall output was achieved by Queen Alexandrea Hospital Portsmouth with 49; 2nd was Liverpool Aintree with 34 and 3rd was QE Birmingham with 32. Whilst this is impressive for QA Portsmouth, if we include only FLAs (with stricter acceptance criteria) we see other centres rise above them such as KCH, Nottingham and Leeds as the majority of their publications are composed of Reviews or FLAs.


The results do not challenge the idea that the highest number of publications are produced by tertiary centres based in the larger cities of the UK, while there are some notable exceptions from smaller hospitals. Those centres which continue to demonstrate copious evidence of their research and innovation are larger university-associated metropolitan-based hospitals.


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